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Gringo Leg Leathers

Gringo Leg Leathers

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Gringo Leg Leathers have 3 conchos.

Leg Leathers are an ideal option to hot and bulky chaps. Lazy Rider's are made of durabke synthetic leathers to withstand the elements. Our leg leathers have a tapered fit that are snug around your boot but allow bend in the knee. They are lined with felt and zip in the back.

Like most material, extreme heat from tailpipes can cause damage to the leg leathers. This can result in melting, leaving black residue on your tailpipes. Caution against hot tailpipes is advised. No warranty or returns for burn damage.

Sizing for leg leathers come in S-XL. Be sure to measure your calves before ordering!

Small: 14.5" x 18.5"

Medium: 15.5" x 19.5"

Large: 16.5" x 19.5"

Extra Large: 17.5" x 20"

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